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    Violence in Schools

    The Reasons For The Violence In Schools
    In today’s societies, violence in schools is a pervasive problem throughout the world which causes many children to choose an illegal pathway and subsequently end up in juvenile detention centers. Although the observability of the violence in schools is highly increased, the solutions toward in bring unsatisfying results as in the case of detection centers. However, in order to be able to solve this problem of violence in schools, the reasons must be investigated accurately which can be lack of guidance service available for children, indifference of family and the detrimental effects of the media.
    The first reason for the increase in violence in schools concerns lack of guidance service available for children. Because of the fact that the school age years is the most important period in a child’s life which can be the most dangerous one if guided wrongly, not having a guideline may have terrible consequences in the future that violence in schools are the most prominent one among them.
    The second reason for the increase in the violent incidences in schools concerns indifference of family especially parental indifference. It is an evidental fact that children who do not have the support of the family and get attention from their parents probably become emotionally disturbed and insecure individuals. Consequently, if such individuals are living in societies, the rate of violent incidences increases dramatically not only in schools but also in every elements of societies.
    The third reason for this phenomenon concerns the detrimental effects of the media. If an individual is emotionally disturbed and psychologically unbalanced, the effects of the media become especially prominent since such a person is the perfect candidate of being affected from it. The media including the Internet, violent video games and violent movies should take some responsibility when showing violent images to the public.
    In conclusion, the problem of violence in schools is getting worse day by day unless authorities take some measures and stop it from worsening. It is needless to say that family is the most important medium that can solve the problem of violence in schools. However, guidance services have to be available especially for children meanwhile the influence of the media has to be searched more carefully in order to create a better youth.

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    Re: Violence in Schools

    Vioence in schools causes children to make bad decisions?

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