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    What is the meaning of the red parts?
    You can't go to Sharon's party on Saturday night.
    Although you may hate missing the party of the century to listen to some boring relatives ...

    Despite the fact that food is the furthest thing from your mind, think of it from the cook's point of view.

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    Re: Meaning

    the furthest thing from your mind,
    We think about what's important to us. If something is worrying us, we might say, "It's been on my mind all day."

    So, if something is not in your thoughts, not 'on your mind' - in fact, is so 'out' of your mind that is is 'the furthest thing from your mind', then it means we give it no importance, we are completely disregarding it; or that the person is so preoccupied by some other matter that it takes up all their thoughts, and so give no thought whatsoever to some other matter - in this case, 'food'. However, the cook no doubt has gone to a lot of trouble preparing the food for her and has probably thought of little else all day and so the person ought to appreciate her efforts.

    (I am unsure whether the cook is preparing food for a special occasion, or this is a reference to just one of the three meals of the day, because the phrasing '..that food is..' is an odd thing to say if it's to do with a party being organized. It would have been, '...that the food is..." And why would cook be upset ("think about it from cook's point of view') if the person is just skipping breakfast or something?
    Not enough context, I'm afraid.)

    the party of the century
    Any activity or event which is described as 'of the century', means that, (to refer to this sentence), of all the parties which have so far been held this century, this is the best/most important/it tops any other party held before. The Man of the Year would mean, the most important, significant, influential man, in some way critical to human history, in the last year. So, to say a party is 'the party of the century' is hyperbole - the speaker is exaggerating the importance that the other person is giving to this upcoming party, suggesting that the other person has got it a bit out of proportion!
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