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    You Knock My Socks Off

    what's the meaning of
    " You knock my socks off "

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    Re: knock my socks off

    You knock my socks off - I'm really impressed with you; you bowl me over; you're amazing

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    Re: You Knock My Socks Off

    knock the/someone's socks off (Slang)

    To overwhelm or amaze.

    knock someone's/something's socks off:

    to completely defeat a competitor.

    "Japan and Korea knocked the socks off the United States in tests of science and math."

    knock your socks off:

    to completely surprise or please you very much.

    "The magazine is beautiful and combines color and unusual design in a way that knocks your socks off."

    Usage notes: also used with other verbs to say that something is done in an extreme way or to a great degree: I worked my socks off to get my degree.

    knock someone’s socks off (US coll.) impress smb. greatly; amaze or stun a person: You wouldn’t expect teenagers to sing opera, but these kids will knock your socks off.

    beat the socks off someone (coll., also: beat someone’s pants off) defeat smb. thoroughly; win decisively over a person: And if we’re persistent, the true bingo professionals like us will beat the socks off the amateurs every time.

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