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    What's the difference between If and whether?

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    Re: Question

    I have some examples, e.g:

    If you work hard, youŽll successfull
    If you be successfull, youŽll buy anything, how you wants

    But, i have another posibility :D

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    Re: Question

    'If' and 'whether' are more or less interchangeable in sentences like : 'I'll see if he left an address' and 'I'll see whether he left an address', although 'whether' is generally regarded as more formal and suitable for written use.
    But, although 'if' and 'whether' are often interchangeable, there is also a distinction in their usage, in that 'if' is also used in conditional constructions and 'whether' in expressing an alternative or possibility. Thus: "Tell me if you’re going to be in town next week" could be strictly interpreted as 'you need not reply if you are not going to be in town,' whereas, "Tell me whether you’re going to be in town next week" clearly means 'a reply is desired one way or the other.' It's the same as saying, 'if you are or if you're not'.

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    Re: Question

    Let's study together

    1 ( conj. ) It came into question whether I should go or not.
    2 ( pro. )( ancient ) Wether of them is the worse?
    3 ( n. )Consider all the whys and whethers of the matter.
    ( I ) conj.
    1 You can learn something from anything if you pay attention to it.
    2 if she had been at all psychic she must have felt something
    3 If he is little, he is strong.
    4 ( verbal ) ask/see/try/doubt/learn/wonder etc. +if:
    Ask if he is at home.
    I don’t know if he is here
    5 = as soon as. If I feel any doubt,I ask
    6 If I only knew!

    It was as if the old apple tree gathering us under its boughs for the dual purpose of acquaintanceship and shared wonder.
    I wake up only if the alarm clock rings.
    If only the alarm clock had rung.

    At least:
    ① He is seventy if ( he is ) a day ( old ).
    ②The enemy is 2000 strong if a man .
    If and when =if or when
    few or none=If any:There is little if any hope.
    Her family, if anything, was richer than mine.

    II. ( n. )
    ①Dash these ifs!
    ②There is no ifs in the case.
    ③Your argument seems to have too many ifs.

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