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    Post believe in me and believe me

    good day!

    i sometimes get confused when to use
    " believe in" and " believe" only.

    we can say " I believe in him" and " I believe him"

    On the other hand, we say " I believe in magic".
    NOT " I believe magic"

    Is it safe to say that we can use " believe/ believe in + sb
    but ONLY " believe in" + sth ...?

    are there any rules for this?

    thank you! :)

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    Re: believe in me and believe me

    from Cambridge dict.:
    verb [T]
    to think that something is true, correct or real:
    Strangely, no one believed us when we told them we'd been visited by a creature from Mars.
    [+ that] He believes that all children are born with equal intelligence.
    [+ speech] She's arriving tomorrow, I believe.
    "Is she coming alone?" "We believe not/so (= We think she is not/is)."
    [+ object + to infinitive] I believe her to be the finest violinist in the world.
    [+ object + adjective] All the crew are missing, believed dead

    believe in sb phrasal verb
    to trust someone because you think that they can do something well or that they are a good person:
    [R] Gradually, since her divorce, she's beginning to believe in herself again.

    believe in sth phrasal verb
    1 to be certain that something exists:
    Do you believe in ghosts?

    2 to be confident that something is effective and right:
    They don't believe in living together before marriage.
    He believes in saying what he thinks.

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    Re: believe in me and believe me

    My English teacher ever told us that
    believe sb. = belive his/her words;
    belive in sb. =belive his/her moral quality.

    May it is helpful to you.


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