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    Help for speaking

    What can I do in order to improve my speaking? Do you have any suggestion for me?

    I'm looking forward to your answers.

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    Re: Help for speaking

    Quote Originally Posted by belkıs View Post
    What can I do in order to improve my speaking? Do you have any suggestion for me?

    I'm looking forward to your answers.
    Not a teacher.
    Just talk to any person who knows good English and is ready to point out your mistakes. Also, listen to BBC radio, which gives you excellent lessons on English and otherwise also has good pronounciation with clarity and nice accent. You may also go for chatting on the Internet. Also, while learning new words, consult dictionary and try to pronounce the new words as per the instructions given in the dictionary.

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    Smile Re: Help for speaking

    The english pronunciation is a little hard for a non-english, specially for some languages like french :
    The difference in pronunciation between these two languages is :
    Check this out : "Passe-moi la moutarde", there are 5 syllabes in this sentence (Passe-moi-la-mou-tarde), it will take you 1 sec to say it. And :
    " Ca fait vingt-quatre ans que j'habite lÓ-bas": here, there are 10 syllabes (ša-fait-vingt-quatre-ans-que-j'ha-bite-lÓ-bas) so logically, you have 2 sec to say this one...

    But, in English, there's a big difference, only the pronounced syllabes are counted, now check this :
    - Janes Like Talls men
    - There was a strange smell in the kitchen today

    Just by looking, you'll see that the first sentence is short and easy to say cause it has only 4 syllabes and all are pronounced. and the second has 11 syllabes and it'll take longer to speak. But that's wrong! Even if the has 11 syllabes, among them there are 4 pronounced syllabes wich makes it equal to the first one. So it will take you the same time (1sec) to speak both sentences. look at this one :

    - Peter enjoyed working for his now boss : just "Pe- -joyed work- new & boss" are pronounced syllabes, the "-er en- -ing for & his" are fastly spoken to do not interrupt the rhythm.

    - To improve your speaking, you have to see a lot of show series and try to speak english everyday (even by yourself-that looks a little crazy :) until you get usual to some basic sentences first, after you can make english friends and speak to them ...
    (sorry if something's wrong)
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