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    question on hyphen and words

    hi guys, I have a few questions regarding hyphens... I have studied the grammar behind hyphenation, but still I would like to know whether some compound words should be hyphenated or not:

    1) quality-status: the sentence is "this is associable to the quality-status variation"... this means "to the variation of the quality"

    2) probe-length: "the probe-length is 12 cm"

    3) monitoring-related: "this is particularlyimportant for monitoring-related applications"

    4) TD-data or TD data..... TD stands for "time domain" and TD-data are "data obtained using time as a variable"....


    5) "without considering jointly the first and the second".. or "without jointly considering the first an the second"?

    more questions to come.... :)

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    Re: question on hyphen and words

    1) the quality-status variation

    2) the probe-length is 12 cm

    3) this is particularly important for monitoring-related applications <Try, monitor-related>

    4) TD data

    5) without considering the first and the second

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