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    Thousand or Thousands

    I am confused at when we should use thousand or thousands. Is "more than eighty thousands" is right? We can not add "s" after "thousand" in this sentence, can we?

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    This passage answers nearly the same thing as what you want:


    Hundred VS hundreds

    You can try to understand in the following way.

    Hundred here is used as if it is an adjective.
    So it is non-sense to add a "s" to hundred.
    Thus it should be "5 hundred"

    - There are 5 hundred people in the street. (5 hundred is like an adjective to
    describe the no. of people in the street)

    However if "hundred is used as a noun, it can be plural. Eg:
    - The birthday cake has a large "hundred" on top of it.

    NB: Don't mix up with the following
    - I spent several hundreds of dollars on clothing. [Since hundred is used as a
    noun here, "s" is required]


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