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    Smile What is "elbow deep in the trenches"?


    Here's some sentences from a direct marketing news letter. The writer wishes to have readers to join his business. I don't know the meaning of "elbow deep in the trenches". Could you please give me one adjective which has close/same meaning?

    Unless an income explosion would be an unwelcome event in your life, this definitely deserves your sesrious attention. What you now receive as a member is the culmination of 30 years work on my part. Elbow deep in the trenches, helping entreprenuers and business owners to be free of normal and traditional limitts and boundaries through.......

    Thank you always,

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    Re: What is "elbow deep in the trenches"?

    Being "in the trenches" means that you are where the real work is being done - for example, with the employees that do the "grunt" work; not management or ownership positions, but with the people who may do the menial, hard, dirty work.

    I've never heard, "elbow deep in the trenches."

    I have heard "hip deep in the trenches."

    "Up to your elbows" in work means that the work is piled high and you are working very hard to get through it.

    What he means in the paragraph is that he has worked in the business in all positions, from the lowest position to upper management.

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