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    Smile should, shall, will, would

    hi, im kind of new here. hehehe! hello everyone.
    i was hoping someone will answer this.. hehehe cause i get confused sometimes, i dont know which is correct to use in my sentences.

    when do i use would instead of will? or shall instead of should? or can - could? heheheheheh.


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    Re: should, shall, will, would

    They are difficult words to explain because they have so many different meanings.

    Common uses.

    Should - I should go to work today (duty). It would be best to go.

    Shall - I shall go to work today (certainty). I am definately going.

    Can - I can go to work today (ability). It is possible for me to go.

    Could - Could I take your car to work today? (requesting permission).

    Will - Will you give me a lift to work today? (request). Asking for something.

    Would - I would go to work today if I had my car (conditional). It is only possible for me to go to work if the car is available.

    This is very brief. My advice is to keep practising and reading!

    I'm not a teacher.
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    Re: should, shall, will, would

    Quote Originally Posted by colloquium View Post
    Will - I will go to work today (referring to the future). Referring to a planned event in the future.
    Hi, colloquium!
    How have you been?

    '(I think) I will go to work today' sounds more like...the speaker has made the decision at the time of speaking, doesn't it?

    'I'm going to go to work today.'...or 'I'm planning to go to work today.' sounds 'arrangement' or a 'plan'.

    What do you think?
    Please forgive(correct) me if my interpretation is wrong..

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    Re: should, shall, will, would

    Hi tzfujimino,

    I'm well thank you.

    You make a very good point, and I totally agree.

    Although referring to the future in English is never straightforward, going to is the more appropriate choice in my given example.

    I have changed the example.

    Many thanks.


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