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    There is ;There are?

    Dear members.

    Since yesterday there is a question which won't fade from my mind.

    Is there an expression like "there are".

    Yesterday I watched a video in which a person said something like: "Hey,guys. There is his footprints".

    I haven't seen an expression like "there are" so far but if there is one shouldn't one use "There are his footprints"?

    I hope that you can help me.

    Best wishes Maluues :)

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    Re: There is ;There are?

    Yes, of course. There are is the correct choice when the subject is plural.

    There are new tires on my car.
    There are footprints in the snow.
    There are many reasons for this.
    I know that there are people waiting for me.

    Many dialects of English allow speakers to substitute there's (there is) for there are in these constructions, but it is not accepted as formal written English.

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    Re: There is ;There are?

    In Standard English we use 'there is' with singular nouns and 'there are' with plural nouns, but in everyday Colloquial English native speakers commonly use 'there is' with both singular and plural nouns, e.g.

    There's a mistake in this brochure
    There are a lot of mistakes in this brochure (Standard)
    There's a lot of mistakes in this brochure (Colloquial)

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: There is ;There are?

    Of course this helps :)
    Thank you both very much !

    Best wishes Maluues


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