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    about something

    What do you mean about this bold idiomatic expression?

    Catch up with the deer.
    Catch up with the lesson.
    Catch up with the procession.
    Catch up with me.

    The deer was at the bay.
    The bank robber was at the bay.
    The navy was at the bay.
    The army was at the bay.

    As a token of their first meeting
    as a token of our friendship
    as a token of peace
    as a token of love

    Please help me Please!!! :D [/b]

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    'Catch up with' means to come from behind and reach to the position or level of (the deer, lesson, etc.)

    'At bay' (no 'the') means unable to escape and in a defensive position.

    'As a token of' means as a symbol of or as an expression of.

    Is that enough information, Lyza?


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