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    Wink the sense had all but

    "Wrangle" was used with the meaning "to obtain by arguing or bargaining" as early as 1624, long before "wangle" appeared in the language. The sense had all but disappeared until recent decades, however, and its revival may very well have been influenced by "wangle."

    The sense had all Could anyone explain the usage of it? Many thanks.

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    Re: the sense had all but

    The sense had all but disappeared.

    The expression is 'all but".

    Look at this sentence:
    The sense had disappeared (by 1920).
    My troubles all disappeared when I won the lottery.
    You can immediately understand the meaning: 'all gone'

    so, if 'my troubles had 'all but gone', they were so reduced, they were nearly all gone, but not quite - not all gone.
    So, 'all but' means 'very nearly' in your sentence.

    'all but' can also be used in another way:
    "I received a birthday card from all but one of my friends."
    In sentences, like these, it means 'all except'.
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