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    Re: Chinese Food

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Nutty View Post
    So you mean the conclusion shouldn't be as David put it? Can you tell me till where I write it, and what do I need to add? I just couldn't get his drift of wishing "Happy New Year". Do I need to replace the Kong Hee Fat Choy with something? If so, what's the supposed to be?

    By the end of our meal, my protest of being no great devotee of Chinese food was certainly belied by the empty plates before me. What better recommendation for a restaurant, for the next time you dine out.
    Kong Hee Fat Choy!
    I think he used Kong Hee Fat Choy because that is one of the few Chinese phrases he knows. (I could be wrong.)

    The phrase Anglika suggested ("Bon appetit!") is one often used in such situations.

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    Re: Chinese Food

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy (wishing you a prosperous new year) is only used during Chinese New Year. I was wondering if there is a more appropriate greeting in Chinese for this context, equivalent to 'bon appetit' perhaps.

    Why use a French greeting when talking about Chinese restaurant?

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    Re: Chinese Food

    Let me clarify:
    (Now, I know that (Kong Hee Fatt Choy) means Happy New Year;
    (it is the only Chinese phrase I know.)

    but if you could conclude with the anglicized Chinese for the French Bon Appétit! if someone in the forum can tell us what it is.)

    That way, you are giving it an extra twist, by substituting the usual 'bon appétit' with the Chinese, appropriate since this is a Chinese restaurant.

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