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Thread: plain wall

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    plain wall

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask what the phrase "plain wall" implies:

    In digital photography, if the camera is moved while a picture is
    being taken, especially in dim light conditions, you can easily get a
    double image. For example, suppose you are taking a picture of someone
    standing in front of a plain wall, and while doing so you point the
    camera at an adjacent wall where there is a doorway. If the shutter
    remains open while you point the camera at the second background,
    then the camera will record a double image—the original scene with
    the person standing against a plain wall superimposed over the image
    of the wall with the doorway in it.

    Does "plain wall" mean a smooth and flat wall without ledges (prominent parts), or does it mean a wall painted only in one colour, without any decorations, drawings etc?
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    Re: plain wall

    BOTH of them - a flat, smooth surface, usually of one unobtrusive colour, no pictures or other objects on it, no window, no shelves, no furniture showing.

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