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    left with an '8'.

    What does it mean when you are left with an eight?
    Also numberme with rage/ in haste sounds odd to me.
    could you please clarify on these?

    Such a shame
    to believe in escape.
    'A life on every face'
    But that's a change,
    until I'm finally left with an '8'.
    Tell me to relax - I just stare.
    Maybe I don't know
    if I should change
    a feeling that we share.
    It's a shame

    (such a shame)

    Number me with rage
    It's a shame (such a shame)
    Number me in haste (such a shame)
    This eagerness to change

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    Re: left with an '8'.

    Song is about rolling dice; perhaps it means that he rolled an 8 instead of the 7.

    Or - the number 8 is never ending in shape.

    Who knows?

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