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    Control-remote Freak

    Dear friends and Teachers,

    - My husband is such a control-remote freak.

    - Does "control-remote freak" mean "a person who likes to watch TV very much"?

    Thanks a million!


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    Re: Control-remote Freak

    "remote control" freak

    Someone who likes to control other people OR someone who watches tv but is always changing the channels.

    Context will tell you which.

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    Re: Control-remote Freak

    Yes, there's a stereotype in the UK at least (and I suspect in other countries) of the man having to have the television remote control so that he's in control of the TV. So a "remote control freak" could refer to someone who always demands that he has the remote control.

    Another possibility is that he is a man who has so many different electrical products that he has a large number of remote controls to control them all with. That would be an accurate description of me.

    Not a teacher.

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