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    literary pronouns

    Is it possilbe to use literary pronouns(e.g. ye,thee,thy) for a situation
    in which the one addressed is not present?

    This can be an example:

    "O my immortal beloved,Where art thou?"

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    Re: literary pronouns

    Thou, thee, etc., are old forms which are now out of use in ordinary speech. Usage was based on position:

    Subject pronoun: thou (singular), ye (plural) <you>
    Object pronoun: thee (singular & plural) <you>
    Possessive pronoun: thine, thy <your, yours>

    There are, however, two modern uses of thou, thy, etc.:—

    (1) In elevated style, especially in poetry.
    2) In addressing the Deity, as in prayers.

    Read more here English Language : PERSONAL PRONOUNS

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    Re: literary pronouns


    "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" - he was delayed!

    We do it still: someone waiting for somebody and looking at their watch and saying, "Where the hell is she?"

    What made you think you couldn't? In writing, and plays, it's just expressing one's thoughts aloud.

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