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    Beautiful though this is

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask about the meaning of the phrase "Beautiful though this is" in the following passage.

    One of the most surprising and beautiful sights to behold at the
    beginning of orb photography is the wide range of colors the
    orbs exhibit: normally shades of red, white, blue, green, gold, and
    rose. Beautiful though this is, orb coloring also provides us with significant
    clues about their nature.

    Does this word order imply that "Beautiful though this is" means "in addition to the fact this is beautiful"? Or is it completely the same as "Although this is beautiful"?

    Also, one more idea is occuring to me: maybe "Beautiful though this is" means "however beautiful this is"?

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    Re: Beautiful though this is

    Beautiful though this is,

    The "this" refers to the wide range of colors the orbs exhibit.

    So I think it means, "Even though you can see the wide range of colors",

    "Even though the orbs can exhibit a wide range of colors," . . . .

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