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    sentence problem


    I was reading a novel, and there was a sentence I couldn't understand.
    I wonder if someone can help me with it.

    it says
    "He's got grey hair that he gets his wife to shave back - I think he has a number 2- and he wears a stud."

    Can someone help me with it?
    I would be appreciate your help.


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    Re: sentence problem

    One of the trends is for cropped hair, called a number 2 crop and a number 1 crop (even closer) and finally, completely shaved off so the person is 'bald'. Hairdressers and hairstylists usually use an electric shaver with the blades fitted to automatically give the right length, depending on the crop (how short the hair remaining is going to be.) He apparently gets his wife to do that for him.

    The 'stud' refers to a small piece of round metal worn through a piercing in his ear, or perhaps through one nostril.

    Both are very 'with it' trends in male grooming. He is either embarrassed about being prematurely grey and having most of it removed, and doubly showing how 'young' he is by wearing a stud. Or a man close to, or in retirement, who is similarly showing how young he still feels at heart.

    (Others, less charitable, might just say 'some old goat thinks he's still a kid'! - a variation on 'mutton dressed as lamb.)
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