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Thread: Space off

  1. lauta

    Space off

    Hello everyone.
    I found this word and i cannot find its meaning.
    Could someone tell me what that word means?
    Thanks for your help ;)

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    Re: Space off

    You are sure the word was 'space off'? Not space out or anything else? In any case, having a context would greatly help. :) Just the sentence you found it in would suffice. That is useful on a general basis as well, as several words will have slightly different meaning depending on the context they're in.

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    Re: Space off

    Hi lauta,

    There are a few sentences concerning the matter in question.

    What is a good way to clear space off your C drive (from a PC)?

    How to unblock my space off of school computer?

    How do I clear space off of my D- drive?

    Pulling white space off before/after string?

    There is a link for visual and audio aids.

    YouTube - SPACE OFF



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