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    What does "5-point" mean in this context? I could not work it out by looking it up in the dictionary.

    Thanks for your help.

    This Professor is talking about how the asteroid belt was discovered.

    Professor: Yes, I divided all those numbers by 10 by putting in a decimal point. Now I'm gonna write the names of the planets under the numbers. Mercury...Venus...Earth,,, So, what do the numbers mean?

    Student: Is it the distance of the planets from the sun?

    Professor: Right, in astronomical units-not perfect, but tantalizingly close. The value for Mars is off by...6 or 7 percent or so. It's...but it's within 10 percent of the average distance to Mars from the Sun. But I kind of have to skip the one after Mars for now. Then Jupiter's right there at 5-point something, and then Saturn is about 10 astronomical units from the Sun. Um, well, this pattern is known as Bode's Law.

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    Re: 5-point

    In this context the professor is being general with their statement. By saying 5 point something, they really mean (5.?) as in, it could be 5.2 or 5.5 but they don't know the exact measurement so they say unspecifically 5 point something.

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