Dear Teachers, can you please help me?
1. Re 0500 - We teach students not to write examples in summaries, but I find in First Lang (also in Second Lang.) mark schemes, examples given. What is the correct method?

2.0510 - from 2006 onwards the paper 1 had Ex.4 and Ex.5 (two notes to be given under each heading and then to follow up with a summary) But in Nov.2006 the Ex.5 was 'write a summary about the similarities between humans and gorillas and how Koko communicates using sign language', the 3rd heading was how KOKO was first taught sign language and this had to be ignored and the answer to the summary came from the passage. Also in May 2007 re; Ex4 and 5 - the summary was of the intelligent behaviour of birds, whereas the 3rd note was on issues of animal welfare. So can someone help me whether it is acceptable if a student just summarises the 3rd heading or is it necessary to go back to the passage to get answers?

3. At a workshop held, we were made to understand that all prompts given had to be used in Ex.6 and 7 to get full marks, though it says 'the above may give you...etc.'
In 2005 for an article on a adventgure activity obviously all pictures could not be used as the question was on one, but in Nov.2006 there were 4 pictures which were relavant. How should a student tackle it then? Were they supposed to use all four pictures as guides.
We have just started on IGCSE and help is much appreciated.
thank you.