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    what is the verb name?

    4th shipment must have/has happened before last friday

    i am sure the correct sentence should be 4th shipment must have happened..

    but i would like to know, what kind of verb 'must' is here?

    must is superlative form, aight? please enlighten me on the usage of must.


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    Re: what is the verb name?

    Quote Originally Posted by kiranlegend View Post
    The 4th shipment must have happened before last Friday
    "must" here is a verbal auxiliary meaning that the event certainly happened.

    I would use "must have taken place" instead of "happened".

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    Re: what is the verb name?

    "Must" is also a "modal verb." Such verbs give a "mood" to the main verb in a sentence.

    For example:

    I eat cake. ("like" is the main verb)
    I can eat cake. ("can" gives you more information about the verb "like;" it tells you that I have the ability to eat cake; or it "sets the mood" of the verb)
    I should eat cake. ("should" also sets the mood here; it tells you that it would be a good idea for me to eat cake)
    I may eat cake. ("may" tells you that it is a possibility that I will eat cake)
    I must eat cake. ("must" in this case tells you something that I have to do)
    I must have eaten cake. ("must" plus the Present Perfect--"have eaten"--tells you that I am approximately 95% certain that I ate cake)

    I hope this helps,


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