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  1. claude

    what does 'flora' mean

    But to come up with a precise and well-understood definition of a component, which everybody agrees upon, is not an easy task. Manyhave tried, but the result is a flora of different definitions that are slightly different.

    I think the blue marked part just mean 'different definitions about component are slightly different, is that correct? but what does 'flora' mean here? Any input will be appreciated.

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    Re: what does 'flora' mean

    Quote Originally Posted by claude
    ...what does 'flora' mean here?
    ...but the result is a wide variety of related definitions that are slighty different. (The word flora comes from the Goddess of flowers.)

    All the best, :D

  3. claude
    Goddess of flowers, woow, Just like your avatar :D :D

    is that mean the related definitions are variable widely, but the differences of these definitions are slight, isn't it? Thank you for your explanation.

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    You're welcome. :D

    There are a great deal of definitions.
    The definitions differ but only slightly.


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