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    The legality of copying poems and short stories

    I am (obviously) not a teacher yet, and feel kind of silly asking this question, but what's the legality of passing out short stories and poems checked out from public libraries? I stipulate checked out from public libraries because someone on another forum said that ESL materials usually have something called "smallprint" on them that makes it okay to pass out in class. I have no idea what "smallprint" is and I will not be teaching ESL. I suppose I'll be informed about this if it is a major issue when I get to the classes in the credential program that deal specifically with my subject matter, but I don't think it's wise to rely on teaching credential school for this piece of information. I want to cover myself, but I want to be fairn and do what is right with regard to the authors in question as well.

    And was the very first sentence of this post punctuated correctly? Can you start a sentence with a declarative couple of clauses, and then tack an interrogative clause onto the end and put a question mark on the whole shebang like that? And can you do the reverse: start out with an interrogative clause, but then follow it with one or more declarative ones, thereby needing to end the sentence with a period instead of a question mark. (Like I sort of did in the preceding sentence. I'd like to have come up with an example that had no colons in it but couldn't.)



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    Re: The legality of copying poems and short stories

    Reasonable photocopying for use within a class is generally a permitted activity - it must be used only once and only in that class, otherwise it needs to be declared as authors in copyright are due moneys from photocopies for mass use. Check with your librarian who will have the details.

    Your first sentence is fine.

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