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    King George VI

    Hi everybody,
    How are you?
    I am writing a research paper about king George VI. I would like to make a connection about him and a literary work, which focus on the Psychological side of the character. Can you help me to think about a legend, a peotic hero, a tale or another king who has the parent's influence over them or who has the hero characteristics.
    I do need your help. You can give your suggestions for a topic.
    Thanks in advance.

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    How about 'The Once and Future King' by TH White. It's a version of the legendof King Arthur, so there is a hero, and he is heavily influenced by Merlin, whi is the father figure. It's also a fantastic read.

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    thank you for the suggestion, although I did not read it yet, but the first look at it gives me an idea that it will be useful. I would like to ask you about literary works that dealt with a hero or a king, if you will know one of these works. What I would like to do is to find a comparason between King George VI's character and the other chracter and to show that George VI was not a good king. This of cource will be built on evidences found in King George's live. I am reading in Psychology to analyze his shyness, stammer, and the influence of his father cruel way in educating him.
    My teacher suggested some ideas, I don't know if you will find it useful to mention them. He suggested to read about kingship/leadership and to see if king George matched these categories of kings or not. I suggested to write about parents rule in creating a leader character, which is the one I am trying to work on it. It has been suggested to compare between him and Queen Victoria, whose father supported her to be a queen, as far as I can remember. I would like to expand my readings more to get the full image.
    I hope that I am not asking for too much.

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    Hi again,
    I don't want to be greedy in asking for help. However, my friend is writing about King William the conqueror and she likes to find a literary work that dealt with his character.
    I am sure we will find the help with such a generouse person like you.

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