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    hello! could you tell me, when looking at at a transcript text, what it is when the word is dragged out? for example, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! thank you

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    Re: english

    In a transcript, the writer may draw out a word to indicate the fact that the word was drawn out when the speaker said it.

    So, if a crowd went, "ahhhhhhhhh" might indicate a long drawn out "ah" of amazement, for example. Or an individual might say, "ahhhhhhhhh" at the point that they've realised something, to emphasise the point. It is a device used to indicate an especially long version of a word being used by the person.

    For example in the film Good Morning Vietnam, the character Robin Williams plays would start his radio broadcast with the phrase, "Goooooooood morning Vietnaaaaaam." Here's a Youtube video of the phrase I mean. If you haven't seen that film I recommend it, because it's excellent.

    Not a teacher.

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