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    syntactic categories

    Could anyone tell me, please, which of the following is not a syntactic category: NP,PP,VP,Su?
    Also, which answer, please, best fits the subcategorization frame of the verb "to put":
    [ _ NP]
    [ _ NP, to NP]
    [ _ NP, AvP]
    [ _ NP, PP]
    and which is the regime of "floated" in the sentence: "The river floated the raft."?
    Thanks a million!

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    Re: syntactic categories

    re: your second query

    The river floated the raft.

    This is an ungrammatical sentence - in other words, it is bad English.

    to float is intransitive and therefore doesn't usually take a direct object

    However, I don't know what all this NP business is all about.

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