Iīm new here and not quite sure if my post is in the right part of the forum. If not, donīt wait to tell me.

Currently Iīm preparing for the TOEFL iBT and hope that I can find some people who could be so kind to proofread some short passages I wrote.

So here is a summary of a lecture about alternative communication I wrote lately:
"There exists a few opportunities to communicate without speaking, despite the fact that this is the most common way to express feelings an thoughts.
A signal can catch the attention of a viewer and is combined with speech to make sense in most cases. Contrary to signs which include a meaning in themselves.
The last alternative form of communication are gestures. The movement of a person is cultural related to a common known sense and can therefore be interpreted."

Thank you for your help and please donīt hesitate to point out mistakes in the rest of my post.