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Thread: avail?

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    " In the late 1990s, Canada played a pivotal role in a group of middle power countries trying to break the deadlock at disarmament talks in Geneva. In 2002, Canada became the first NATO country to vote for the group's pro-disarmament resolution, despite strong opposition from the United States. Other NATO countries later followed Canada's lead.
    A group of disarmament experts met in Ottawa last February in an effort to push the Harper government to resume that sort of leadership role to no avail, or even media interest."

    Hi there,
    Could someone please explain what does the underlined part mean? It seems to describe the sort of leadership that Canada wants to play.

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    Re: avail?

    to no avail means that however much effort is put into something, it will not work.

    or even media interest = not even the media was interested in what the disarmaments experts were trying to do.


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