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    What's the meaning of " I am getting ahead of myself."?

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    Re: ^^

    Welcome to the forums.

    Without context, "I have gone beyond what you have understood so far".

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    Re: ^^

    When someone is giving a lecture, say, on history, he would try to keep developments in some logical/chronological order. Say it was about some history such as the Protestant Revolution. The lecture would start with talking about Martin Luther and the year 1521, and the immediate effects of this, and show how this 'revolution' is still going on, and its influence behind modern day politics.

    So - the lecture may get to a part in the lecture about what was going on in the 1700's, and say, "...and in fact, this is similar to the very reason the Labour Party in England was born, was formed.... but that's not till the early twentieth century - I'm getting ahead of myself." And goes back to talking just about what was happening in the 1700's.

    It means that the speaker realizes he has jumped ahead, so he is no longer giving the details in chronological order ( or someone developing a thesis, an argument, and giving the steps of his reasoning in a definite logical order), says that he has 'got ahead of where he should be up to in the lecture', and then goes back to what he should be talking about at that point in the lecture. He got ahead of himself.
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    Re: ^^

    Take, for example, a person who is studying mathmatics at an elementry level - learning the multiplication tables and so forth.

    Then imagine that person picking up a book on advanced calculus and thinking - "I'm getting ahead of myself", (I'm approaching something that I do not currently have the ability to understand).

    I am not a teacher.


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