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    Please help me with some Grammar games in a class room

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Daniel Joseph from Madras in India. This is my first post on this forum, I'm glad that I found this forum at the right time. I'm an English teacher in India. I want some one to help me out with some games that can be conducted in a classroom where children can learn English Grammar. I'm sure there are so many online games but it's sad that I'm not able to find any games that can be conducted in live classes to make children speak fluently without any flaws. It will be of great help if I receive any help on here.

    Many Thanks

    Daniel Joseph

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    Re: Please help me with some Grammar games in a class room

    Bring a ball to class... Throw it to a student and say e.g. "present perfect" or "a sentence with 'cook'", stuff like that.

    Irregular verbs: make all your students stand up, ask any verb from the list of irregular verb. The student giving the correct forms may sit down.

    For younger students, bring a song to class (one that has repetitions and is funny... there are songs about fruits, the weather, body parts, etc.) and teach it to them. Also, teach them a dance so they're not just sitting there stupidly. I've seen it done before and it's always a huge success.

    Combining songs with a game could also be a good idea, like when the song stops, they have to sit down or something like that.

    And there is this game that has the student in a circle... the students count to thirty-one and if the number coincides with the birthday of a student who has to count, he has to sing a song, tell a story or something.

    If you were thinking among quieter lines, sorry

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    Re: Please help me with some Grammar games in a class room

    Find the word.docI'm happy to share some kid's games

    The trouble with a lot of games (including the ones I've written) is that they're often difficult to understand by just reading them, though...

    I am starting a site to collect teaching games with multimedia added (a video or audio showing the activity in use) where you might find some more...

    Here's a link to the site and...
    Here's a link to the children's activities forum.

    Do keep in mind that this is very, very new, though (2 days old at the time of writing this...) I will be adding al of my games and looking for others to help with uploading theirs over the coming weeks.

    I have requested the coders at my main site to look into porting the video and audio recorders over so it will be easy to insert a video or some audio into the post (which is the whole idea... A site with video/audio/images to support the activity explanations...)

    Have fun (teaching kids can be hard work, but it's fun if you do it right)

    I hope you find the game attached of some use (I will be looking to make a video of that one sometime this week...)


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