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    banana chips the real thing/s

    Some friends are eating banana chips
    Then I pull out real bananas and ask them if they want some.

    Is the following correct? Which is correct or is there a better way to say it.\? singular/plural?
    They say: We are eating banana/bananas already.
    I say: Hey, these are the real things/this is the real thing/these are the real thing.
    What you have is only chips/
    What you have are only chips

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    Re: banana chips the real thing/s

    They say: We are already eating bananas.

    (I'm not sure about this sentence, as they aren't actually eating a banana/bananas - so it's hard to decide whether to use a plural or singular noun. I would choose the plural.)

    Also, I would put the adverb already inbetween the aux and main verb.

    I say: these are the real thing.

    (These: the bananas are the real thing: banana.)

    What you have are only chips

    These are my opinions.

    I am not a teacher.

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