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    please correct my sentences(student)2

    1-I had an appointment in ASP restaurant yesterday that was about of Kaysonís general assembly.
    These general assemblies to be disposed of every year.stakeholders participate in this meeting. I participate for the first time.
    2-Today, i prepared a report about of CPM insurance contract. I think, this report helps senior manager to decide better. These reports play as making decision. it shows us that we can use of this contract better, if we use it based on objective(goal).when I was preparing this report, my wife called me. She told ,that we will have guests tomorrow night and I have to buy something.
    3-i have to be remember, that there will be something that I have to do tomorrow. First I have to expedite a subject (report,news,lecture)from miss GITIFOROZ for next monthly magazine.

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    Re: please correct my sentences(student)2

    1- Today, the stakeholders held their yearly Kayson's general assembly meeting at ASP restaurant. It was the first time that I attended the meeting.

    2- I also finalized my report on the CPM insurance contract, today, the objective of which is to assist senior managers in the decision making process. When I was preparing the report, my wife called and said that we would be having guests tomorrow night, and so I will need to buy something for that.

    3- I will have to make a note, later, to remember to do that for tomorrow, but, first, there is Miss Gitiforoz's report to finish, which has to be in before the deadline for next month's magazine issue.

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