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    Favourite movies, slang -a time, a place

    In a current post, thedaffodils was saying she is interested in acquiring some slang; and philadelphia was interested in learning about good movies that will help to acquire colloquial English.
    I wonder, then, if we can have a thread, devoted to movies that forum members have enjoyed, that helped them learn conversational English - and no restraint on the use of slang (respecting the proprieties of decency- some of us are British!)
    This would be a chance, NOT to talk in chatlish -chatroom English with all its 'wannas' and 'gonnas' - but normal conversation where a native speaker would use slang.

    And just saying 'cool' and 'awesome' gets monotonous. The idea is to introduce as much slang as possible, that normal people use, in everyday life; when excited and tending to hyperbole; when expressing dislike; and when talking about the best bits in a movie.

    At the same time, people will be able to recommend movies where the dialogue was understandable, and the subtitles accurate.

    Over to you.
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    Re: Favourite movies, slang -a time, a place

    I don't watch a lot of films because most of them are formulaic rubbish! However one film I enjoyed greatly is Waking Life. The entire dialogue is in the form of conversation - and the content is largely philosophical. It would be better suited to the advanced learner, but it certainly presents some commonly used slang.

    For instance:

    You know what I'm saying? Do you understand what I am talking about?

    Here is a (short) clip from the film where the subject of language is considered.

    YouTube - Waking Life - Language

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