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    take turns [to V/Ving]

    What's the difference in meaning between "take turns doing something" and "take turns to do something"?

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    Re: take turns [to V/Ving]

    Take turns doing something.
    Take turns [in order] to do something.

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    Re: take turns [to V/Ving]

    I'm not a teacher.

    Hi sitifan,

    Take turns (at doing something with gerung.) the gerund usually refers to the past
    Take turns (to with infiniv.) the infinitive usually refers to the future

    You can often get them back on track by suggesting that they take turns at riding the tricycle or that they make the Lego building a joint effort.

    They form monogamous pairs and, within the pair, take turns to play the male and female roles.
    My husband and I take turns to sit at the stall.



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