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Thread: would; in place

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    would; in place

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask several things about the following passage:

    Furthermore, the previous experience of the government in developing an NGO (non-governmental organization) support programme suggests that the government needs more commitment to and control over the implementation of its initiatives on working with NGOs. Based on this, this policy brief proposes creating a State Department on NGO Relations. Its key aim would be to ensure that a proper legal basis for the government-NGO relationship is in place and implemented accordingly by coordinating the development and implementation of the legal documents on the cooperation of the government and its institutions with NGOs.

    1. Why "would" is used instead of "will"? Does "would" imply a lesser degree of certainty, i.e. the aim possibly/probably will be...?

    2. What does "in place" mean in this case?

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    Talking Re: would; in place

    Not a teacher and not a native, but let's see

    1. would
    It is my understanding of the text that no such department has been created yet; only the proposal exists.
    The would-sentence is written in "subjunctive mood" expressing wishes, possibilities, etc. but not certainties. (like you said)
    The important difference: "Will" (indicative mood, i.e. talking about certainties) would indicate that a department is planned at the moment; "would", on the other hand, says that it should be planned but is not. Hope you understand...

    2. in place = installed & functional, working

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    Re: would; in place

    Absolutely agree with above poster. As the department has not yet been created, the modal "would" is used to suggest its function.

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