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    Exclamation to ring so. up (sports)


    I am currently working on a term paper on idiomaticity. Presently, I am doing research on expressions I found in King's The girl who loved Tom Gordon. Now, this book is all about baseball; I'm the child of a soccer country and don't get much of what is going on. For example, I came across this: "The umpire ringing Strawberry up". Strawberry is a player, of course. I've delved into my dictionary and gone hunting around the net but only come up with definitions that don't fit and more cryptic (to me) examples... Any help would be appreciated deeply. Also, is my assumption this term is not used outside baseball, except maybe softball, correct?
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    Re: to ring so. up (sports)

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    In the meantime, this may help you with the text: List of baseball jargon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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