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    Can someone please proof this letter, before I give it to the most critical boss in the world. Also, do I put a comma or a colon after Dear Mr. Brock?Thanks

    August 13, 2008

    Robert Brock
    24684 Willowby
    Eastpointe, MI 48021

    Dear Mr. Brock:

    Now is a great time to purchase a 2009 Pro-Line for the price of a 2008. With that said, I would like to extend an invitation for you to come to our showroom to view our new Pro-lines. We will be at the Metro Beach Boat show from September 17th to 21st. You can get your discount coupons, show time, dates and directions by going to

    I look forward to seeing you in our showroom and at the 2008 Metro Beach Boat Show.

    Yours truly,

    Mike Giles
    Sales Manager
    586 445.9191

    Great Lakes Yacht Sales…Your place on the lake!

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    Re: Help

    In the U.S a colon is normally used after the dear Mr....

    In the UK, we use a comma or nothing.

    There are different ways to lay out a letter and your format differs slightly from what I'm used to, but that could be another minor discrepancy between American and U.K styles.

    Aside from that it looks fine to me.

    I'm not a teacher.


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