I can't thank you enough dearest valued contributors!
Oh, well! I haven't thought my thread would have get really nice replies back and I gratefully appreciate every word you have written so far!
First of all, I have been an undergraduate, studying linguistics at the Faculty of Arts at the university of khartoum in Sudan.. that was in 1994! I have been so sorry to quit studying and travelled to Egypt for some seven years then came back again to complete my studies once more!
The four lines of Shakespear's sonnet are still a part of a course I'm really struggling with so far! To be frank, the meaning of those lines hits me so badly that i couldn't even go any further with them, though the question about them runs as :-
Demostrate with examples from Shakespear's sonnet X1 the various linguistics changes in the aspect of sounds, forms, syntax and meaning??
I'm deeply sorry if I've offended you dearest managers and members and direly hope you could excuse me for being ignorant of the forum rules and of my poor language!
Thanks in advance!