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    vickyxu Guest

    help me! (for vicky's cover letter and resume)

    Room 602 No.13 Lane2950
    Changzhong Road
    Shanghai 200235
    P. R. China

    Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
    21 F No.218 Central Tianmu Road
    Shanghai 200000,
    P. R. China

    Dear Ms. Susie Zhang,

    Im interested in the position of accountant in your Shanghai Offices, which published on your website. (Job code: 18822)

    I am a fresh man that will graduate from Shanghai University in June 2005, and I am always interested in having a challenge job to apply my expertise and realize my personal value. As we all know, Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care (DAP), leading by Royal Philips Electronics, is world's leading manufacturers of domestic appliances and personal care products, so I am keen on joining your company and becoming one member of the creative team for a long time.

    I am sure that I am the right person for this position. I satisfy the job requirements you mentioned on your website. Although I am a new fresh man and lack of experience, I can fit the environment and learn from daily work soon. (A resume enclosed giving details of my educations; relative stills and some working experience are also for your attention.) If you trust me and give me the opportunity, I will try my best to do it well.

    I would be happy to attend an interview to give you more information of me. I can be contacted through 13917100605.

    Yours sincerely

    Vicky Xu
    Xu Weiqing

    Room 602 No.13 Lane 2950 ChangZhong Road
    Shanghai, 200435
    Mobile Phone:13917100605

    Summary of Qualification
    lGood knowledge of interpersonal communication
    lComputer literate: Microsoft Office, Foxpro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, & Flash
    lNative Chinese speaker with excellent English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills
    lGot the Certificate IV in English Studies-SILC Program issued by Insearch of University of Technology, Sydney in July 2003
    lPassed the written exams of ATLA/ATII administered (a test for Accredited Interpreters) in December 2002
    lGot the Certificate for State College English Test(CET)- Band 6 in September 2002

    Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce(SILC) Shanghai University Shanghai, China
    Bachelor Degree of Economics in Shanghai University, 2005, with First-class Scholarship in 2000-2001 semester, 2001-2002 semester, and 2003-2004 semester. Got the Diploma of International Trade issued by Insearch of University of Technology, Sydney in July 2003

    Shanghai NeWorld Training Center Shanghai, China
    Accepted English Translation Training. February-August 2002

    Work Experience
    Connell. Bros. Co. Ltd, Shanghai Representative Office Shanghai, China
    Intern Summer 2002
    Managed financial documents in Finance Department
    Dealt with trade cases in Import/Export Department
    Translated materials both in English and Chinese

    Municipal Physical Culture Bureau of Zhabei District Shanghai, China
    Chairman Assistant Summer 2004
    Official Documents Writing
    Files Administration and Computer Operation
    Responsible for Connecting with other Government Organs

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    Sway Guest
    do you have a copy of this resume in mandarin that you could post? I might be able to help you... as well as try to keep it as close to what you really want to say as possible...

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    Re: help me! (for vicky's cover letter and resume)


    Resume and Cover Letter Examples: click here, and here, and here.

    All the best, :D

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    vickyxu Guest

    thanks for Sway's attention:)

    :D it's my resume in chinese.
    姓名:徐薇青 手机:13917100605
    性别:女 宅电:56438696
    政治面貌:中共党员 电邮
    出生年月:1982年1月30日 住址:上海市场中路2950弄13号602室(200435)

    l 20002005上海大学悉尼工商学院国际经济与贸易专业本科
    l 2002.22002.8 在上海新世界培训中心接受英语口语及翻译训练。

    l 2004年6月至8月 上海市闸北区体育局 挂职锻炼
    l 2002年7月至8月 美商公利洋行上海代表处财务部兼外贸部助理

    l 较强的英语运用能力,能熟练地进行英语地听、说、读、写。
    相关证书:2002年9月 获得国家大学英语六级(CET-6)证书
    2003年7月 获悉尼科技大学颁发的商务英语证书

    l 熟悉计算机的基本操作,掌握Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash等办公软件以及其他应用软件
    l 具有合作精神,能很好处理人际关系,有很强的交流能力和组织能力。
    l 自信,做事认真,对新环境有很好地适应能力。
    l 熟悉日常办公流程,擅长日常公文写作及其他文案工作。

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    lGood knowledge of interpersonal communication

    Good interpersonal skills

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