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    Verb tense

    Dear sirs or madams

    Hope all is well with you.

    I am a medical doctor and every so often, i had to write my research papers and reports in English as a second language to me, but i enjoy doing that. What usually makes me surprise is that, as i think, there is a great variety of verb tense in English and this make me so confused to know what does the author mean?

    for example; “...which showing global skeletal...” in:

    “Biochemical bone metabolism markers which --- showing global skeletal activity have lately been developed and validated for the assessment the dynamics of bone formation and resorption processes.”

    , or “...which been put...” in

    “The infection was traced in one case to a parrot which --- been put to board at a pet shop and became ill a few days after being taken home.
    In these above sentences, i feel some verbs are missing.

    And what is the meaning of “have been been performed”, “will be been done”, and “can been seen” in:

    “To demonstrate reduced allergenicity, clinical trials documenting the efficacy of foods containing protein hydrolysates in veterinary patients are required, but few such trials have been been performed.”
    The commentors make a valid point in suggesting a comparison of the vinyl chloride inhalation data. This will be been done in a revision of the EDC document.
    On the Italian Duecento paintings, the humanizing influence can been seen in the change of various facial types underwent in the last third of the century

    Would you please help me what are those really meaning?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Thank you

    Best wishes
    Arash Bidadkosh

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    Re: Verb tense

    What is missing where you have ---?

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