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    a rule for compounded noun...

    Hi, I'm sorry for my simple question but I'm little bit confused on how to combine together the English nouns.
    for example yesterday I asked for "position (noun) control (noun) " that could be "control(er) of the position".
    today I'm facing to "explanation simplicity" that could be "simplicity of explanation".
    yesterday I found ("mystery novels" that could be "novels of the mystery"
    So I thing that in English I can reverse the two noun to obtain a new noun. Is it this rule true ?! do you know some grammar rule that explain this and have you got some web page to suggest to me where I can find an explanation !?
    thank you very much.


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    Re: a rule for compounded noun...

    A mystery novel is a novel that contains a mystery as a central element of the narrative, and is used to distinguish it from other types of novels. We can make compound nouns fairly readily in English but it's not a fixed rule and cannot simply be covered by 'of'; there can be other relationships between the two nouns.

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