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    If I want to ask somebody about his feelings about something shall I say: How are you feeling now? OR How do you feel?

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    Re: feel

    How do you feel? is better because we use Present Simple when we're talking about emotions.

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    Re: feel

    How are you feeling now? is used when the speaker wants a specific answer relevant to the time of speaking.

    A) I felt really ill this morning; I was sick.

    B) How do you feel now?

    A) I am feeling better thanks.

    How do you feel/are you feeling?
    is used as a more general question.

    A) My girlfriend left me last week.

    B) How have you been feeling?

    A) To be honest, I have been a little depressed.

    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: feel

    Hello, everybody!
    I'd like to give you some information from a book called 'Practical English Usage - Michael Swan'. On page 461 it says:

    7 physical feelings

    Verbs that refer to physical feelings (e.g. feel, hurt, ache) can often be used in simple or progressive tenses without much difference of meaning.

    How do you feel? OR How are you feeling?
    My head aches. OR My head is aching.

    In my humble opinion,...when it is used in progressive(continuous), the emphasis is on its 'temporariness'.

    I hope the information from the book is a great help to you.

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    Re: feel

    It is a great book tzfujimino

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