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    Please help explain this sentence

    Hi teachers, It is a sentence from a passage about an athlete pulling out in the competition. I can't get complete meaning in the highlighted part.

    I expect that the Chisese are struggling with a perceived drift by Liu away from his collective responsibility and pride to a more individualized and narcissitic source of pride. To most, Liu was not running as an individual, he was part and parcel of a community; therefore his personal injury ought to be put aside and he should have run for the larger good, irrespective of the result. Olympic hero's withdrawal stuns China - Comments

    Words like drift by,away, from confuse me. Can you rephrase the highlighted part?
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    Re: Please help explain this sentence

    Think of drift away from and by Liu as seperate sentence constituents.

    ... drift....... away from... - moving away from something; in this instance - the athlete's collective responsibility and pride towards representing his country.

    by Liu - as a result of Liu's action.

    I am not a teacher,

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