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    Question while vs whereas

    Hello. I have a doubt about in which case it is better either to use while or whereas. I know that while is used when an action in progress is interrupted by another(Suddenly, the phone rang while I was watching such an interesting movie), or to point the duration of an activity (She finished the homework while her mother was doing the wahing-up). But the question is whereas: I like travelling a lot, while (or whereas?) my husband prefers staying at home.
    I hope you might also teach me other uses of these two words, which are simmilar to however, arenīt they?
    Thanks in advance. Best regards.

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    Re: while vs whereas

    The word whereas is used very rarely in modern English, although it is common in legal writing and very formal documents. In most writing, whereas will sound stilted and pretentious.

    By the way, English speakers say "I have a question," not "I have a doubt." The word doubt has an implication of lack of belief or trust.

    I have a question about this food. (I want to know more about this food)

    I have a doubt about this food. (I don't think this food will be very good)


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