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    knees are a bitch

    In the sentence below, what do the words in bold mean?

    Hurts, don't it? Knees are a bitch.

    They must be paying through the nose to buy a fed... even a fed like you, Thorpe.

    You know the drill, sheriff.

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    Re: knees are a bitch

    The first one means that it is really painful to get kicked on your knees. Or on your elbows, for that matter.

    The second one, that they are being forced to pay an awful lot of money.

    The third one, that the sheriff already knows the procedures - what to do.

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    Re: knees are a bitch

    And if Thorpe is a 'fed' ('federal agent') that explains why elsewhere (another thread - this is the one bit I can answer!) he is called a G-Man (slang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) .


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