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    Rather Than or Instead Of?

    Hi! What's the difference in usage between 'instead of' and 'rather than'? Thank you.

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    Re: Rather Than or Instead Of?

    I use the "instead of" to simply switch from one thing to another.

    I use "rather than" when I prefer a thing to another.

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    Re: Rather Than or Instead Of?

    Hi daddyjohn,

    There is my unpretending contribution to the present thread.

    instead of = also “in place of”; in someone's stead; in substitution for, rather than.
    For example, She wore a dress instead of slacks, or In place of soft drinks they served fruit juice.

    instead of somebody/something = used to say what is not used, does not happen etc, when something else is used, happens etc:
    You probably picked up my keys instead of yours.
    Could I have tuna instead of ham?
    Instead of being annoyed, he seemed quite pleased.

    rather than (prep.)
    rather than = instead of: “diseases in which the immune system plays the villain rather than the protector”
    I like the books, the original books that I had when I was a little rather than the new books.

    would rather to do something than … = I would prefer to do something than…
    I would rather die skinny than be a fat cow.
    I would rather die standing than live on my knees!
    I would rather die than resign.
    I would rather die than be a 39 year old virgin.
    I would rather die fighting than live as a slave.
    52% of Americans would rather die than have a disability.

    rather than (conj.)
    rather than = and not: “Gibson guitars—with their carved tops and necks that are fitted and glued to the body, rather than bolted on—are expensive to make”




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