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    Puritan hypocrisy?

    Dear Teachers,

    I read this from True Pleasures by Lucinda Holdforth:

    "In telligent and cultivated people of either sex will never limit themselves to communing within their own households...The long hypocrisy which Puritan England handed on to America concerning the danger of frank and free social relations between men and women has done more than anything else to retard real civilization in America."

    What does "the hypocrisy concerning the danger of frank and free social relations" mean? Why would it retard civilization? I don't understand the idea...

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    Re: Puritan hypocrisy?

    In Puritan New England, women were regarded as second class citizens, and men refused to consider them as equal to men. If you have a society in which men do not communicate fully with women and do not permit them to contribute intellectually to society, then society cannot develop properly. It will always be one-dimensional.

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